Saturday Morning Art Club - 5 to 12 year olds arts and crafts!

10am to 12noon to have fun with other children whilst trying out and developing different art skills and approaches! Ceramics, mosaics, creative clay, drawing, games and more... Snacks and drinks for all participating. £15 for a week or £12 per week and a free sketch book for a block term booking!


Artist Inspired Drawing and Colour Workshops and Sketch Book Bilding


22nd April Van Gough - Sunflowers, painting and drawing techniques.

29th April - Piet Mondrian - Abstract Colour Block, drawn and painted suncatchers.

6th May - Henry Mattis - Life Drawing, sketching and drawing eachother and creating bright collages and design.

13th May - Kandinsky - Colour, painting, mixing diamonds and rulers!

20th May - Andy Warhol - Pop Art insprired self portraits.

27th May - Damion Hurst - Butterflies, using repeat pattern to create and inspire your beautiful canvas

Break for the Holidays - See you next term!


Crafty Kids - Messy Sensory Craft for babies and toddlers!

10am to 11.30am creative, sensory and messy play for babies to preschool aged children. Welcome circle time with our crafty rabbit, lots of fun educational play, snacks and drinks for children and a choice of drinks and biscuits for accompanying grown ups! £7 a week or £6 a week for a block booking of a week!

Colours and Play!

21st April - YELLOW - Custard, trucks and potato prints

28th April - BLUE - Roaring Spagetti, Dinosaurs, explore our table cave and jelly fish mking!

5th May - RED - Giant Box Bus Paintings, Ice biscuets and play in our red corner!

12th May - ORANGE - Baked Beans, pots and little people Play!

19th May - BLACK & WHITE - Stripey Zebras, flour and spoon play!

26th May - GREEN - Grass, leaves and pebble painting creations!

Clubs close for the half term Holidays and restart when children go back to school! :)