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How pottery painting in Kent can help your school PTA fundraise during Covid19 restrictions!

Espression Arts CIC has been working with schools, their PTA (Parent-teacher Associations), and children of all ages, in many ways since 2009 when we took over our interactive Arts Café in Canterbury, Kent. We have come a long way since becoming a sustainable, not-for-profit, social enterprise focusing on the relaxing powers of decorative pottery painting and Arts for Wellbeing. We are so excited to share with you and your educational setting just how much creativity can help not just people with mental and physical health issues but EVERYONE of all ages. This blog will outline just how pottery painting can help your School PTA Fundraise during Covid19 restrictions.

Schools Post Covid19 Restrictions

The pandemic has left people isolated, needing activities they can achieve at a social distance with friends, older relatives, or at home on their own. Children are also feeling this way after many months of online learning in 2021. Pottery painting is a flexible, sympathetic craft that takes little skill and a few techniques to achieve professional and quality products and becomes an easy way to get your School PTA Fundraising in 2022 when Covid19 restrictions are lifting but not a complete thing of the past!

One issue facing educational settings post-pandemic is the need for School PTA fundraising to take place. Schools rely on the PTA to offer subsidised experiences, fun additions to the curriculum, extra equipment, and opportunities to enhance the school experience for children. The school PTA are restricted they can’t invite large groups of parents, families, and the local community in to watch events, shows, and take part in sales. Sports day is socially distanced, the nativity is delivered via video link to your inbox. Everything they have done before is slowly getting cancelled. Things are not as they usually would be!

Seasonal opportunity to fundraise and raise money for your school.

Espression Arts CIC has a wide range of shapes, craft kits, and items to suit all ages and abilities. We have lots of tried and tested activities and design ideas which we can print for everyone to get the most out of their pottery purchase. Valentine’s day with hearts aplenty, Easter and Springtime celebrations, Halloween gremlins and ghouls, Christmas lanterns, and gifts – We offer seasonal holiday and half-term events which create activities for children to achieve and enjoy. Parents receive 5% off online shop prices and the school receives a matched 5% off to support their School PTA fundraising effort.

Personalised Online Discount Codes

Schools already have so much to do, and Espression Arts recognises that office staff and teachers don’t want to be dealing with money or order forms, they need it to be as easy and stress-free as possible. This online platform enables all orders and communication to happen directly with Espression Arts CIC.

Espression Arts help your PTA establish a season that will be successful for the fundraiser. Letters are distributed to each child clearly explaining the selections, the discount codes, and how the online shopping experience will work along with clear dates for delivery, firing, and collection in case the items are for handmade gifts.

Unique Codes are generated for your educational establishment and are linked to your School PTA fundraiser. The code helps us to identify all the orders made from your school and it gives the parent a 5% discount in the online shop which is matched by us as a donation to the PTA Fund.

The Impact of Arts on a child’s learning and wellbeing

Espression Arts CIC is passionate about the impact arts and crafts have on the well-being of individuals of all ages and creating access to arts for people who would not usually have this chance.

Children and young people spend so long in front of screens and on digital and less and less time being creative, using their imagination or their hands to make.

Creativity helps with fine motor skills, development of imagination, confidence to make decisions, it helps the child to relax and to take part in something mindful. It can be an opportunity for families to paint together and share the experience.

Creating a piece which you are proud of, excited about, and can gift to others is a wonderful experience for a child. These wonderful creative kits can offer a wealth of learning opportunities, it is both an activity and a gift in one. When the child sees our glazed gifts all shiny when the glaze and kiln have done their job and brought the colours alive is fantastic.

Door to Door Delivery of Quality Craft Items

When the deadline for orders is reached, we pack up all the kits with ceramic shapes, magic ceramic paints (or acrylic/foam clay options) brushes, and full instructions to get the best from your kit.

These are clearly labelled with the class name/number and the order number and packed into class boxes for quick distribution.

Once painted the child brings everything back to school, hands it back into the box and we collect it for glazing. Glazing takes 10 days to 2 weeks to complete depending on the items, quantity, and size of each piece.

Everything happens door to door to a fixed agreed timetable and can be conducted safely from a social distance during this challenging covid19 pandemic with the least disruption to the school.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you, the mugs are just fabulous! So many wonderful comments today. People were blown away by the quality. Thanks again and best wishes” Junior Kings, Canterbury Kent.

“…………the mugs are wonderful. My boys came home with theirs yesterday and they are in love with them” Junior Kings, Canterbury Kent.

Do a little for the community whilst enjoying the pottery painting experience!

Espression Arts CIC (Community Interest Company) is a social enterprise so every penny we receive as profit from selling kits, parties, and workshops are spent on enabling more and more vulnerable people to take part in arts and wellbeing activities for free.

Some of our resources go towards supporting a wonderful team of trained creative volunteers to help others get the most from their creative experience. These are all people who themselves may be living with a physical illness or a Mental Health Challenge and need a focus, a purpose and to participate in their community. It is our volunteer team who packs all the kits for the educational settings to enjoy.

We have many different projects working with older people in care homes, sheltered housing, and rural communities in Kent. Follow this link to learn more about the 5-amazing-arts-and-wellbeing-benefits-to-working-with-espression-arts

Summary of how to get a pottery painting activity going to help your school PTA fundraise during covid19 restrictions!

I hope this has inspired you as to how pottery painting in Kent can help your school PTA fundraise during covid19 restrictions! If you would like to run a fundraising project in your school or community project please contact for more information, all packages can be tailored to your needs and organisation. If you would like to find out more about the projects, we deliver in general then follow us on Instagram and Facebook @EspressionArts to get regular project updates and developments.


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