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Espression Arts CIC is a social enterprise so any profit from your party goes to help more disadvantaged groups enjoy creative activities for free!


There are so many reasons why booking a party with us helps your local community get creative, take a look at this blog to help you see why buying from a social enterprise is great! 


Since closing our shop in 2020 we have designed several MOBILE party pottery packages depending on for you to enjoy. 

What you want to celebrate? Hen Party, Birthday Party, Family or friends event.

How long you have to paint? 1 hour/1.5hour up to 3 hours of painting to suit your party needs.

Who you are with? Family, friends, children, toddlers, youth group or babies decorative pottery is fun for  everyone!

What do you need for a party?

  • Reason to celebrate and a group of 10 or more friends. 

  • Minimum of 10 people for a booking - with an extra cost per person after this.

  • Room to paint, a venue, your home, a hall, a park, work place or hotel - We have links with lovely venues for rent if you need some help!

  • Personalised decorations, balloons and bits to make the party person feel at home.

  • Food, drinks and party cake to meet the needs of your group.

  • Address to bring the pottery back to you after glazing or postal address to send finished items (extra charge for courier)


What will happen at your party?

1 – Support securing a venue if you are struggling. We take care of as much planning support as you need to ensure this party is as stress free as possible.

Espression Arts has a group of experienced tutors to lead and deliver pottery instruction and support participants involvement.

2 – We bring everything you need for a wonderful painting time, materials, aprons, paints, pencils, detailers etc - including a selection of pottery in one of the packages agreed before. 

3 - Travel to and from the chosen venue (we can offer support and advice if you need to book a venue in the area) We can also come to your home.

4 - Delivery back to the East Kent Cost area within 2 weeks of the party or at an agreed time or collection from Canterbury/Thanet - further delivery will incur a cost for postage after firing pieces. 

Popular Pottery Packages

A - Fun Character Package and 10oz Mug - £20 each for 1/1.5hours (£200 10 painters)

B - Money Box Madness, Characters and 12oz Mug - £25 each for 1.5/2hours (£250 10 painters)

C – Large Mixed Items - £30 each for 2-3hours Plates, Spoon Rest, Vase, Picture Frames, Flowerpots (£300  10 painters)

D - Personalised Package - this is based on your audience and experience staff will need to help, time available, theme, your group location and project ideas and would need a detailed pricing to meet your needs enquire for quote.

For postage of pottery back to groups extra costs will apply. 

For longer parties or time over agreed duration extra costs will apply. 

Travel to groups out of our locality extra travel costs will apply


Espression Arts team have been running parties and facilitating groups since 2007, let us take the pain out of running your event or party! Click the orange button to Enquire now! 


Pottery Party Packages for You

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