Espression in the Community

Espression Arts CIC (Founded in Sept 2017) evolved out of Espression Arts Cafe (Founded in 2005) and its Directors belief that arts and creativity can really make a difference to peoples lives and wellbeing. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be creative. Espression Arts CIC created a customer profile matrix to observe who did and didn't attend Espression Arts Cafe on a regular basis. Looking at increasing resilience, self-esteem and feelings of being socially connected vs increasing independence, mobility, financial security/affluence we are able to design projects to enable everyone to have chance to grow as individuals and experience pride in their art and things they make.

Our bespoke projects and workshops are delivered by community artists, and arts and wellbeing facilitators who are supported by a wonderful team of creative volunteers of all ages. The arts, health and wellbeing art opportunities with vulnerable groups has been delivered in partnership with other local projects and providers in Kent.  We value working together with others which is at the heart of what we provide.


All staff at Espression Arts have skills in working with harder to reach community groups transferring skills from the youth services, community regeneration and nursery settings. Espression Arts evolved skills through community related creative projects using all arts and ceramics as a vehicle for discussing social issues addressing community and individual need.

For more information about how Espression Arts CIC can work with you and your group, contact or call Espression Arts Cafe on 01227765665

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Some of our past and current projects: