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Make and Take Kits 

At Espression Arts we love using Foam Clay and Acrylic and Glitter Kits! They are bright, spontaneous and colourful! Select your chosen pottery and we will supply you with a kit to take away and decorate at your own pace, in your own time anywhere you like! Make for a party, with friends, work colleagues, in the park or at the beach! Once decorated just let them dry! 

Unlike Decorative Ceramics Foam Clay and Acrylic Painting Kits are both air drying, self hardening products which doesn't need to be returned to Espression Arts to be finished off in anyway!

Foam Clay comes in a range of colours which are it is a squishy, mixable, modelling material with small polystyrene beads inside.  It is a wonderful product for kids of all ages to craft.


Take small pieces of the colours provided and apply to the surface of your ceramic ornamental item. It dries at room temperature with a polystyrene like surface.  You can add in glitter, sequins, wobbly eyes to create details on your item.  Wait for 24 hours for the foam clay to dry!

Acrylic is a paint which comes in bright colours to colour your ceramic, add glitter or sequins to make even more special!

Great for fun children's birthday kits for you to do at home!


If you would like to book a Covid safe, one to one appointment If you have a particular project in mind and would like to pay for an online tutorial using zoom please don't hesitate to contact to talk about your design approach and how to get the best finish! 

Please enquire about group discounts and bookings of our larger kits. 

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