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Espression Arts CIC Privacy Policy

This notice explains what personal data (information) we hold about you, how we collect, how we use and may share information about you. We are required to give you this information under data protection law.

Espression Arts CIC collects, uses, and is responsible for certain personal information about you. When we do so we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and we are responsible as 'controller' of that personal information for the purposes of those laws.

Information collected by us

While administering Espression Arts CIC we collect the following personal information when you provide it to us:

Contact details include:

• Community Organisations, Coordinators e.g. Age U.K’s, Nursery, schools, youth groups, etc.  

• Clients and Volunteers participating in our creative projects – children, families, carers, residents.

• Artists and delivery partners

Personal information, particularly when supplied throughout projects:

• Participants Details (such as name, address, date of birth)

• Volunteer Contact Forms

• Opt-in request to receive eNewsletters and notifications from Espression Arts CIC about our work

• Health & safety consent forms to participate.

• Formal documents (such as Insurance policies, DBS of artists, volunteers)

• Payment details – in form of invoice

• Confirmation of photo/film consent usage

• Skills and professional experience (Contracted Staff)


Photos, film, and recordings from the projects, including:

• The activity taking place and participants.

• Experiences and review/testimonial from participants.

• Interviews and spoken/written accounts about the work

• Artwork made in the process of the project, which may include personal info such as portraits, signatures, memories. 

We also obtain personal information from other sources as follows:

• Names and details of Voluntary Sector Providers, Housing Offices (for vulnerable participants, all ages) in Kent and the south-east from online sources

• Names and details of arts and cultural providers in Kent and south-east from online sources

How we use your personal information

We use your personal information to:

• Remain in contact organisations, clients, and partners who we have worked with

• Sharing evaluation and reports about the project to funders, clients, and commissioners

• Informing our news, social media, documentation, and reports about the projects, which is shared with participants and the wider public.

• Send postal, and e-notifications (including eNewsletters) regarding Espression Arts developments and opportunities

• Funding appeals and providing evidence of need in for future funding applications

• Monitoring volunteer support and participation.

• Celebrating and promoting our work (such as photos of activity) on our website and printed publicity.

Data will not be shared with or sold to any other body, except where legitimately demanded by a statutory body. We will advise you should we need to amend this policy in any way in relation to data sharing.


How is the data stored?

We hold the data in computer files that are uploaded to online cloud-based file-hosting services and platforms. These include Wix online shop and communications, Dropbox, and Mailchimp.

They are secured and are only available to specific members of staff or volunteers that need to access the information. Files may be downloaded temporarily for amendment or addition.

Some reports, photographic, audio, and/or video recordings of our project may be shared on the internet (adhering to the conditions within our photo/film consent forms), including social media.

We will only use items that have given written consent to our documentation and/or are notified of recordings taking place at the time of production.

How long your personal data will be kept

We will hold your personal information securely and retain it from the point you engage with an Espression Arts CIC until you decide to leave. We will delete electronic and hard copies of associated details after your instruction.

Consent forms, photo/film consent, booking forms/contracts and activity forms will be held on record securely with limited staff access. Hard paper copies will be stored in an appropriate filing system in a locked office. Any unnecessary documents will be securely destroyed by shredding.

Any items shared on the internet will have no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these materials may be distributed.

Reasons we can collect and use your personal information

The personal information collected will mainly be used to remain in contact and celebrate the work with you. Collecting information such as the places we work, the number of people we work with, and the participant ages who take part in our projects, help us to monitor and evaluate the impact of our organisation. Other details of our participants help us to outline client vulnerability and impact of our projects on their wellbeing and reduction of loneliness and isolation.

It gives us a strategic overview and helps us to campaign and fundraise for more funded opportunities for more audiences. We do rely on consent to collect and use your personal information. If we need to collect special category (sensitive) personal information, we rely upon reasons of substantial public interest (equality of opportunity or treatment) and this would be collected only on an opt-in basis.

Whom we may share your personal information with:

• Any of the partners and participants involved in the project (particularly the commissioners and funders)

• Espression Arts Advisory Group

• We will share personal information with law enforcement or other authorities if required by applicable law.

Your Rights

You have the right to see any information that we hold relating to you. This includes an entitlement to be told when any data is being processed. Subject Access Requests should be sent to either of the contact addresses below We will always seek to comply with your request however we may be required to hold or use your information to comply with legal duties. We will regularly review our privacy policy and may as a result make changes when needed.

Catherine Arnell - Created 13th November 2021

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