How can you help?


Espression Arts works in partnership with a number of organisations to bring creative arts and wellbeing to everyone in the community. An easy way to help us deliver on our goal to help vulnerable families, young people, adults and the elderly is to become a creative customer. Pop on down to our Interactive Arts Cafe and get creative for yourself! Call up 01227 765 665 to book a painting slot.


Would you like to help someone who wouldn’t have opportunity to visit our Art Cafe to create gift for a loved one, have a cup of tea or learn new skills and make friends on one of our workshops then buy a creative experience as part of our “Pay it forward”!


Would your business like to support a project or program of work by becoming corporate sponsor? Contact us to discuss all the different sponsorships we offer, whether you are an individual or a corporation. 

Get Involved


Make a donation

With donations however big or small we can offer more vulnerable people creative access to our Arts Cafe and workshops!






could enable a vulnerable Mum to drink a cup of tea whilst baby enjoys our baby group. 

can enable a toddler to get messy, creative and play with others at Crafty Kids for 

someone could hand make a small personalised gift.  

would offer a child a free event such as Saturday Art Club 

would invite a child to take part in a day of creativity during Summer Art Camp!


Become a volunteer

Do you have previous experience of working with the community? Are you organised, creative and empathetic? We are looking for dependable and enthusiastic volunteers of all ages that have an understanding and empathy with the work we do to assist Espression Arts. Fill in the form on the right, if this could be you.

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Fundraising through Recycling

Help Espression Arts by helping the environment as we fundraise through recycling with TerraCycle!

We are Canterbury’s only collection point for mixed snacks packets.  All kinds of crisps, popcorn and nut packets, any brand) and we are collecting empty and clean Baby Food Pouches any brand of baby food pouches and lids and Ella’s Kitchen’s snack wrappers. Drop them into the shop during opening hours!

Become a Corporate Partner

Help us give back to our shared community

Would you like to become our corporate sponsor, make a donation to help us deliver one of our creative projects or help us by building our capacity with materials, equipment or expertise? We offer strategic marketing opportunities, window stickers, social media campaign and branding recognition. You will receive invitations to workshops, our arts cafe and access to events and exhibitions. Staff volunteer opportunities can also be arranged.