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Get Involved and Volunteer


When Espression Arts were first asked to provide activities in Day Care settings with big groups of vulnerable adults we were quickly aware that only the people who wanted to immediately engage, the artists, the creatives, those with confidence to paint, and who spoke the loudest "Yes" were able to benefit. Anyone unsure, lacking creative confidence and used to say "No" were not engaged. We proved through the power and built capacity from working with volunteers we could reach more people and connect them through creativity.

There is a massive pool of untapped talent that is at risk of being wasted in our community. Espression Arts focus on Creative Volunteer engagement, training, support, and rewards. Volunteers can make a huge contribution to individual and community wellbeing. We want to engage with, and motivate volunteers so that they are not only part of the solution but derive great personal benefit from the difference that they make.




Espression Arts are able to offer:

  • Progressive opportunities allowing volunteers to develop and use their skills for both their personal benefit and those that they work with.

  • Training and mentoring for volunteers so that they can support a professional artist or lead creative working with vulnerable people, and if they wish, develop further to lead activities with professional support, many of our experienced volunteers have been given paid work.

  • To provide a monthly volunteers’ network (currently on Zoom) that provides an opportunity for both mutual self help and skill development.

  • A regular opportunity to help on projects with all ages but with a focus on disadvantaged older people.

  • Support and supervision and regular request for feedback on volunteer experience and project development. 

  • Volunteers support via zoom topic sessions during pandemic lockdown.

  • Free DBS checks to work with vulnerable people.

  • A closed Volunteer Facebook Network for our volunteers to connect


Volunteer Case Studies

The support of our volunteers is key to the success of our projects. Many people wouldn't be able to engage in our activities without their help. 


To read how our volunteers feel about our projects read their case studies here:

- Rosie Strellis

- Mary Willis

- Millie Brierly

- Maria Kemp

- Chris Jones

- Christine Barber

- Sue Farris




To express an interest in becoming a Creative Volunteer, follow this link and fill in the application form NOW!

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