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Collaborative arts project working with older people in  Age Uk Sheppey to produce decorative ceramic tile murals to decorate their centre following a series of workshops designed to spark ideas and build the participants confidence in painting and drawing their contribution to the mural.

Espression Arts worked with 4 groups at Age Uk Sheppey took part in 6 workshops each – 2 Day Centre Groups and 1 COGS group for people living with Dementia and 1 Dynamo Group for people with early onset Dementia.

Participants were taken through 6 workshops which addressed the following:

1 – Mug Painting – building confidence and getting to know you activity where everyone had fun painting a mug which they got to take home after glazing.

2 – Designing and Idea Development – using collage techniques and laminated sheets to design a place mat which depicts your “View” local community.  Drawing, colouring, cutting, selecting and placing skills to design their ideas for the mural.

3 – Drawing and structuring the mural – free drawing, stencilling, tracing skills to make sure everyone is comfortable painting one or more tile taking reference from their original laminated design.

4 – Painting and detailing the mural images seeing how they look together as a group.

5 – Showcase event and mini celebration at the Age Uk with the participants, press and funders.




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