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Hand or Paw Print Support

Hand or Paw Print Support


Hand or Paw Print Support is a bookable service.  The fee can be purchased along side any of the recommended handprint products in the shop and will give you a personalised session in the comfort of your own home and all the help you need to print hands, feet and paws! 


The £20 fee is for a trained member of staff to come to your home or your place of choice and support you to get the best hand, paw or feet prints you can get on bisque - the session is 30 min's.  The fee includes all your writing and details requested.


If you attend a group for babies, toddlers or even dogs our service can be booked for a visit and this support fee is waivered, if you would like to invite us to your session, contact


We have 11 years of experience in printing with children and toddlers and have lots of approaches to get the most amazing prints. 


Travel is included in this price for Canterbury District and Thanet - people outside of these areas will be asked to pay an extra travel fee. 


Products must be purchased seperatly - for questions, ask



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