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About Espression Arts

Welcome to our Espression Arts Family, make yourself at home whilst I pop the kettle on.  How are you today?
Espression Arts is a creative community led by Me, Catherine, the founder, the glue behind our special, arty enterprise.
I live in a small village partner to a very patient Daddy Jean who puts up with the hours of work and energy we give to projects and our clients. I am Mummy to my two beautiful children, Melodie 7, and Jerome 11, who are often with me on projects and at events, along with Daisy Dog who sometimes comes along too! I grew up with a creative and hard-working family, My dedication, work ethic, and focus for things I believe in, I get from them. My Mum who now lives with Parkinson’s in an annex in our garden spends her spare time when she isn’t bowling in the village as one of Espression Arts many creative volunteers. If I am not working I am found snuggling on the sofa watching films with a gin and tonic!

Whilst studying Visual Arts at Goldsmiths University London I enjoyed spending my spare time getting to know the local community, working in pubs, and helping with play schemes. Since then, I spent 25 years developing my community facilitation and project management skills starting in youth work management working for an environmental charity in Southeast London.

In 2009 we left the big city and started our Pottery Painting Community Journey in the historic town of Canterbury, opening our interactive arts café. This is where our family grew with everyone who loved pottery painting as much as we did! Sadly, the interactive arts café, closed at the end of 2020 during the Covid19 Pandemic, but we are still going strong! We continue sharing arts and wellbeing experiences with others! Happily our Espression Arts Family is just getting bigger and bigger as a result.

In 2017, our family business became not for profit and became a Social Enterprise which has helped us to take profits from sales of our ceramic products, parties, and workshops, combined with successful grant applications, and deliver some of the best community projects in Kent.  I am proud of our position in the local community feel respected for both business and charitable, endeavours, before the pandemic we were awarded Kent Messenger Best Creative Volunteer Project for both Canterbury and all of Kent, we were even finalists for Kent Dementia Friendly Awards. 

We under-promise and over-deliver with passion for people and give everyone the opportunity to experience art. There are many ways you could support our creative family!
Community Arts In Kent
If you would like us to chat with you more about what we can deliver for your community, group, or organisation please get in touch, to read more about the benefits of Arts and Wellbeing click here.
Apply to be a Creative Volunteer
If you would like to become one of our creative family by applying to become a Creative Volunteer we have many different roles which are flexible to you, your interests, skills or needs, then please get in touch here.

Buy a Kit, a workshop, a party or invite us to your event!
Have you heard the saying that when someone buys from a small business the owner does a happy dance? This also works for small social enterprise businesses like ours we want to reach as many people with creativity as possible. We also want our volunteers to have as many different experiences as possible! Contact for more details or jump over to our shop!

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Don’t forget to share with friends who might love our projects as much as we do.  Stay in touch with Espression Arts and what we are up to. To keep up to date with our news, join our Instagram, Facebook or our Mailing List !

Follow this link to follow our New Blog and get involved with creative discussions we are having. We are grateful for all help, big and small – get in touch to show your support or when you fancy another cuppa, 
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