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Dinner Plate without rim

Dinner Plate without rim


Plate without rim - dinner plate size to design and make your own! Ideal for a Festive Santa Plate! See the design idea above. 25.4cm in size 


High quality dinnerware with an affordable price. Also available in small plate sizes 8" & 12". These plates also fit more conveniently in cupboards. They have a lightweight, simple, sleek design with a smooth surface. The Coupes are a broad line of dinnerware, ranging from salad plates to large platters. Its sleek design is ideal for an intricate design as well as an all around clean and simple look. 


Fantastic to use this plate as a handprint base for different seasons! Lots of options for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday's and many more! We have been known to also print cute baby bums at different times of year - ask for information!


Please contact for more plates available - we have a range of plates which would be great for signature plates at a Hen Party, Wedding or Birthday Event. 

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